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what are the roles of durable solar led street light in rainy season?


Published by Mars August 07,2020

           There are frequent incidents of electric shocks during heavy rains,and the safety risks of the city"s circuit lights need to be taken seriously!  Some human’s life have evanescent in these period.The traditional city circuit lights are used to realize road lighting by laying cables.Because of weather or annual maintenance,there are many potential safety hazards such as aging materials, abnormal power supply, and conflicts in water and electricity pipelines.The electric shock and casualties were caused by the damage of the low-voltage wires under the public facilities such as bus stop signs,street lamps and utility poles, and then the electricity was transmitted through the rainwater,causing the passers-by to be injured.


                                              durable solar led street light

      If you do not use street lights powered by urban lighting,can you reduce the security risks?Durable solar led street light can meet this condition.In the case of severe weather such as heavy rainfall,durable solar led street light rely on their own power generation,completely free from cable power supply,greatly reducing security risks.Durable solar led street light absorbs the sun"s light energy during the day and converts it into electrical energy and stores it in the battery.At night, it discharges through the battery to achieve illumination.Durable solar led street light is an ultra-low voltage product with no safety hazards,stable and reliable. After this electric shock incident,we should reflect on it.Relevant functional departments should investigate the hidden dangers one by one,focusing on the places and areas where hidden dangers occur frequently,increase inspection efforts, and timely discover and eliminate potential safety hazards. Enterprises should have a sense of social responsibility, strengthen the inspection and promotion of their own products, provide quality products to the society, effectively reduce the security risks in public areas, and improve the overall level of urban public safety.

                                                 durable solar led street light

  In the cities,there are a lot of places,which are suitable to install durable solar led street light.It need the government do some street light fixture to change from traditional lamp to durable solar led street light.How do you think about it?


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