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What is the function of flame proof light fitting?


Published by Mars September 25,2020

                       With the rapid development of petroleum, chemical and other industries, the use of lighting fixtures in production, warehousing and rescue is more and more extensive, and there are more and more varieties. How to prevent the accidental explosion proof flood light fixtures in an explosive gas hazard has become an important issue. Since explosion proof flood light fixtures inevitably generate electric sparks or form hot surfaces during operation, once they meet the explosive gas mixture at the production or rescue site, they can cause an explosion accident that directly endangers the national property and citizens" lives. Therefore, as a wide-ranging lighting fixture using zui, its explosion-proof technical problems have long attracted people"s attention and high attention. Lighting must be taken in any workplace and environment, and places containing a variety of explosive gases are no exception. Due to its many places of use, it is spread all over the production corners, which makes the flame proof light fitting and lanterns products mass-produced.


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                   These explosion proof flood light fixtures products are available in many varieties and specifications, but can be roughly divided into lighting, signage, signal, and portable. From the types of light sources, they can be divided into incandescent lamps, mercury lamps, nano lamps, halogen lamps, and xenon lamps. And fluorescent lamps, from the structure is more numerous, generally hanging, hanging, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, portable, cantilever and so on. From the perspective of installation, flame proof light fitting can be realized from 30 ° to 90 °.


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           In terms of power, flame proof light fitting can range from tens of watts to hundreds of watts. The installation height starts from the ground to a few meters high. It can be said that explosion proof high bay lighting are the most productive and used products of all explosion-proof electrical products. Moreover, due to its specific function, it causes a large loss and a large replacement. The structure and shape of these products vary widely, but from the perspective of explosion-proof performance, it is basically explosion-proof type, and the shell material is mostly cast aluminum alloy, which can basically satisfy the users in the places below IIC. A need for lighting and display functions.


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