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Beware of low price traps for flame proof lighting


Published by Mars August 07,2020

           For flame proof lighting manufacturers, profit is the source of life. With the advent of the Internet economy erea, the LED flame proof lighting market is increasingly fierce in the market. The price war of LED flame proof lighting is also "white-hot", and the most obvious manifestation of this phenomenon is the competition on the Internet platform. The high cost in the price war is the reminder of the enterprise.

explosion proof light suppliers           From the Internet, you can see the price of flame proof lighting. It is really "high and low". The higher one is more than 200 dollars, and there are also have 30 dollars flame proof lighting. It is dazzling and dazzling. I don’t know who to believe, it is high price. Is the quality good, or is the quality of the low price good? Risk is the hidden form of the company"s importance. For explosion-proof LED lighting manufacturers, the next step will be a large-scale "shuffle". For large enterprises, the lack of patent base, the lack of a path suitable for their own development, and blind expansion will lead to the demise of the enterprise. For small and medium-sized explosion-proof LED lighting manufacturers, blindly engaged in price wars, enterprise managers" poor judgment, poor management, and broken capital chains are fatal.


explosion proof light suppliers        

               Any manufacturer that regularly produces explosion proof high bay lamps has various costs, and the cost is almost impossible. A professional and regular explosion-proof LED lighting manufacturers must have relevant qualifications and various related production equipment to ensure products. The quality of the product will also be good after-sales service, because the price of some products is necessarily matched with his price, and why those products without bottom line can be sold at such low prices, there are generally two possibilities, one is the explosion-proof LED lighting manufacturers cut corners; another possibilities, explosion proof light suppliers are eager to withdraw money from the business. Therefore, customers should pay more attention to the purchase of products, do more understanding, see if the purchased products have been cut corners and shoddy; whether it has relevant qualifications, whether it has a good reputation. If it is a large-volume purchase, it is best to choose a few physical samples for comparison, choose the best.


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