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The relationship between the price and quality of hazardous location emergency lighting


Published by Mars August 01,2020


              The LED lamps used in industrial places are all explosion-proof hazardous location emergency lighting. It require explosion-proof or high-protection grades. Use new LED, constant current power supply, stable, maintenance-free, constant current drive, wide voltage compatibility, side cavity open cover, excellent anti-electromagnetic interference capability, IIC explosion proof lamp structure, IP66 protection grade, excellent explosion proof lamp protection performance, SMT surface mount, high thermal conductivity, independent power supply cavity, free from LED heat, stainless steel exposed fasteners, high borosilicate tempered glass. Its light efficiency, lumen value, illuminance, color rendering, light decay, and color temperature are excellent.

explosion proof lamp price

            With the LED lighting market and LED technology continue to mature, LED lighting products are more and more varieties, quality is getting better and better, but now the price of explosion proof lamp on the market is more and more absurd, often the same product price Will it be more than a dozen yuan or even tens of dollars, want to know the mystery of the middle? And look at the analysis I have done for everyone: LED explosion proof lampproduct price difference reason: lamp beads.The common brightness and light decay control on the market is better at 1.6-1.8 yuan/group, and the low price is 1.2 yuan. The price is 1.6-1.8 yuan/group of lamp bead brightness, long life, long light decay, small color mixing effect. The light rate of good dead light is low. The lamp beads of each group of 1.2 yuan are low brightness, short life, short light decay, and obvious mixed color unevenness (conclusion after 50 mA current impact test). The price of each guardrail tube in the application. The difference is around 7-8 yuan. LED explosion proof light fittingsproduct price difference: circuit board. The circuit board can be divided into a wave board and a flame retardant board.

explosion proof lamp price

             Wave fiber board: The flexibility is not easy to break, the damage to the original device is small, the life is long, the copper skin is thick, and the overcurrent is large. Cardboard: On the contrary, if there is strong vibration during transportation or installation, it may break the board, the copper skin is thin, and it is easy to cause copper peel in the tin. Even if it is long or there is water vapor in the tube, it will be corrupted. Then there can save 0.5-1.2 yuan on the circuit board.

       Explosion proof light fittings security line: It should be or shouldn"t be debated by many people now. Of course, it is good to add it. Of course, the overcurrent is relatively large. If it is 220V, it should be a problem if you have a connector of 15 meters. Plus, you can save 0.6 yuan. Ok, after the analysis is over, let"s calculate the price difference. Then you understand why LED explosion proof light fittings product price difference is so big, right?


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