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Is it necessary to carry out the limit test for industrial explosion proof lighting?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

             I recently read an article on the Internet, "Is there a need for extreme testing of industrial explosion proof lighting?"

          The original text is as follows: industrial explosion proof lighting are factory-tested, and the general production unit only checks whether the industrial explosion proof lighting can reach or approach the instructions. The impact resistance, heat dissipation, etc., did not limit the ability of these hazardous led lighting products. For example, LED flashing lights on the nameplate of the lampshade on the nameplate can bear the impact of how many kilograms of force, the actual ability to achieve such impact resistance, and manufacturers also find excuses to evade themselves, because they simply do not want the limit of the ability of hazardous led lighting products What work is going up and down. Because it takes more energy, it gets an unequal return. When designing hazardous led lighting products, designers should set the explosion-proof level of hazardous led lighting products to a higher level. For example, an led explosion proof lamp is originally only suitable for a certain concentration of flammable gas in the air below a few percent concentration. However, due to improper operation of workers or aging of storage equipment, the flammable gas in the air rises, which relatively reduces the explosion-proof capability of the led explosion proof lamp. If the explosion-proof level of the led explosion proof lamp does not reach the actual value, then this led explosion proof lamp are turned into dangerous goods.

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         As for the problems mentioned in this article, as a senior hazardous area emergency lighting manufacturing practitioners, the above problem is a bit of a worry, hazardous area emergency lighting used as lighting equipment in hazardous areas, whether it is manufacturing, installation and use All of them are subject to strict auditing and checkpoints. The hidden dangers of safety are issues that should be taken seriously by the state enterprises and organizations and individuals.Hazardous area emergency lighting can not exist any safety hazards, and the emergence of such hidden dangers must be eliminated from the source. Grab, the qualification of the production unit and the qualification of the product, a qualified product must be tested through layers, and the factory products are definitely qualified products.


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