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What are the disadvantages of lithium battery led solar light street?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

       What are the disadvantages of lithium battery led solar light street? The lithium battery is like a gust of wind quickly occupying the led solar light street system market. The 18650 lithium battery is the most used in the market. The model means the battery with a diameter of 18mm and a length of 65mm. Today we will introduce the shortcomings of lithium battery led solar light street.

                                                     new design solar led street light

       In terms of maintenance and after-sales, led solar light street will inevitably have lights that are not bright or some other malfunctions. The traditional controller installation we installed at the bottom of the pole, so that it is easy to replace the repair and after-sales. Lithium batteries are usually installed on the back of the solar panel, which poses a problem. When a fault occurs, we must use a crane or climb to the top of the street light pole, which will increase the post-sales cost of the repair. With the improvement of the quality and technology of the street lamp controller and lithium battery, this situation will appear less and less. If the solar panel street lamp working time is not long enough, the capacity of the solar panel and the lithium battery can be increased, and the lithium battery controller increases the automatic half power function, which can greatly prolong the rainy day working days of the solar lithium battery street lamp.

                                           new design solar led street light

        The discharge voltage of the lithium battery for lithium battery solar panel street lamp is very stable, generally 3.2V. At the end of the discharge (when the remaining 10% capacity), the voltage changes faster, and the cut-off voltage is generally 2.5V. The ambient temperature, especially at low temperatures, affects the discharge capacity of the lithium battery. The discharge capacity at -20 ° C is 45% of the normal temperature capacity, -10 ° C is 65% of normal temperature, -5 ° C is 80% of normal temperature, and 0 ° C is At 90% of normal temperature, the discharge capacity change from 0 °C to 20 °C is very small. So in such a cold place in the north, there are some difficulties in using ordinary lithium batteries. However, lithium battery manufacturers have begun to produce lithium batteries suitable for low temperature, and the cost is relatively high at present.

                                                                     new design solar led street light

       The lithium battery is small enough to fit on top of a solar panel street lamp pole to avoid the risk of theft. The discharge depth of a lithium battery is 100%, that is, how much electricity is stored in the battery, which can provide much energy to the solar panel street lamp. The number of cycles of lithium batteries is more than 2,000 times. The average lead-acid battery of colloidal batteries is only 500-1000 times, which greatly prolongs the service life and maintenance cost of led solar street lamp. From the performance and use of lithium battery led solar street lamp, we found that the use of lithium battery led solar street lamp is more beneficial than the disadvantages.


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