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Analysis Of The Current Situation Of Abroad Development Of Lithium Solar Street Light Industry


Published by Mars August 07,2020

            As global energy shortages, environmental pollution, and climate warming become more serious, "seeking green alternative energy sources and achieving sustainable development" has become a common issue facing humankind. In the existing traffic lighting system,lithium solar street light have gradually become one of the currently important renewable energy technologies due to their advantages: low cost, long life, easy installation, low temperature resistance, and zero emissions. , The scope of lithium solar street light use is also more extensive.


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           At present, a total of 136 countries in the world are investing in the popularization of solar power generation, of which 95 countries are conducting large-scale research and development of solar cells and actively producing various related new energy-saving products. The US Department of Energy is launching the National Photovoltaic Program, and Japan is launching the Sunshine Program. The United States has also launched the "Lithium Solar Street Light Program", which aims to make some lithium solar street light in the United States be powered by solar energy. According to the plan, each lithium solar street light can save 800 degrees of electricity annually. Japan is also implementing the "70,000 mini solar street light project plan" for solar energy, while Europe has included research and development of solar cells in the famous "Eureka" high-tech plan, and has launched the "100,000 mini solar street light project plan." These "solar engineering" plans with the popularization of the application of solar power as the main content are currently one of the important driving forces for the large-scale development of the international mini solar street light industry.


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        So far, for different needs in different fields, humans have proposed and developed a variety of energy storage technologies to meet applications. Practice has proved that among the currently available energy storage technologies in the world, lithium-ion battery energy storage technology is currently the most feasible technical route, because of its high energy density, low self-discharge, no memory effect, wide operating temperature range, It can be quickly charged and discharged, has a long service life, and has no environmental pollution. It is also called green battery. Therefore, in the field of global road lighting, lithium-ion mini solar street light with lithium-ion batteries as energy storage technology have gradually become people's new favorite, with huge market potential and good development prospects.

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