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What are the surface technology treatments for outdoor solar powered street light


Published by Mars July 06,2020

  In order to provide customers with quality guaranteed products, outdoor solar powered street lights manufacturers have surface treatment of outdoor solar powered street lights poles. Mainly from two aspects: solar powered outdoor lights


       Firstly, anti-corrosion.The outdoor solar powered street lights pole is made of metal material, combined with the outdoor working environment of outdoor solar powered street lights. For a long time, the rust or corrosion of the solar powered flood lights pole is inevitable. Our company has taken this situation into consideration and adopted corresponding protective measures. When the lamp post is produced, the surface of the solar powered flood lights post is hot-dip galvanized, and the pre-treated part is immersed in molten zinc liquid to form a zinc and zinc-iron alloy coating on the surface thereof, and the zinc layer has a thickness of 65-90 um. The zinc layer of the galvanized parts is uniform, smooth, burr-free, dripping and excessive agglomeration. The zinc layer is firmly bonded to the steel rod, and the zinc layer is not peeled off and does not protrude. After hot-dip galvanizing, it is spray-treated, and the coating must not be peeled or cracked. Spray treatment can not only improve the anti-corrosion performance of the lamp post, improve the aesthetic decoration of the solar powered flood lights post, but also meet the customer"s requirements for the color of the solar powered flood lights.


solar powered outdoor lights

  Secondly, security aspects.After our observation, it was found that streetlight poles are often visited by passers-by, especially children. If the surface of the solar powered outdoor lights pole is not well handled, not only will the streetlight be damaged, but the most important thing is that the passerby will be in danger due to climbing. These solar powered outdoor lights manufacturers have taken into account that the surface treatment of the Mars solar powered outdoor lights is very smooth, and users can use them with confidence.


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