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2019 China's outside solar lights development prospects


Published by Mars June 02,2020

With the support of the country's new energy industry and continued anti-corruption, outside solar lights will usher in a new change in 2019. The prosperity of the scene, the deformed sign rules have changed:

  Firstly, the overall environment is good, and the country's commitment to new energy work is continuing to grow. With the deterioration of the environment and severe smog, the prospects for the outside solar lights industry remain bright.

solar powered lights

  Secondly, with the merger and acquisition, the anti-corruption efforts have been strengthened and deepened, anti-corruption planning has become more and more professional and the government level has become more and more in-depth, so fair bidding has become more and more prominent, which requires the project leader and outside solar lights manufacturers to work together cooperation. In general, this is fair and demand is the best.

  Thirdly, the government's bidding meeting promulgated in 2016 has strengthened the bidding regulations. Therefore, outside solar lights professionals must strictly follow the bidding process and also improve the quality of the project.

solar powered lights

  Fourth, the development of science and technology. Solar powered lights use more and more lithium batteries, so each solar powered lights manufacturer and supplier should increase the investment and development of lithium batteries to improve product quality and product competitiveness. The use of lithium battery solar powered lights is increasing.


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