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What is smart solar street light?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

        Smart solar street light is the newest trends for the world.Light from traditional lighting tungsten filament lamps and gas discharge lamps to LED lighting.The LED light just meet the leap forward of mobile LED light combine with mobile internet,creating solar street light technology innovations,and generate smart solar street light.


solar powered outdoor street light


    Now human are moving from solar LED lighting to smart solar street light phase.The feature of intelligent solar street light include high efficiency,adjustable,IOT applications,data analysis,circular economy and user friendly.The Characteristics of smart solar street light provide suitable lighting in the right place and right time.The suitable lighting include suitable color temperature,suitable color,suitable lighting time. Smart solar street light with control lighting by intelligent.Firstly,the solar street light connect with control unit.This kind connection have kinds of technology,they include bus-based wired technologies,short-range wireless connectivity technologies,and several kilometers wide-area wireless technologies.


solar powered outdoor street light

    Smart solar street light can be upgraded and interchangeable is an indispensable step.Smart solar street light include smart street light controller,sensor,power source,led source.Their modularity can be upgraded. The standardization of the connection between solar street light and the installation interface is a very important step to support the circular economy. Modularization and interface standardization can make road lighting smart Ready, especially the standardized installation interface. It is easy to install or upgrade IOT control technology in road luminaires now and in the future, allowing parts to be modified and replaced in the field without disassembling the luminaires, and supporting widely used DALI, 0/1-10V dimming protocols . After Long-term efforts in the modularization of LED light sources,we have got a major progress.In order to support the development trend of intelligent lighting,supports the circular economy and defines the intelligent road controller installation interface.It is small in size, low in cost, pluggable and interchangeable, and it will become a universal interface for installation of solar street light controller.


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