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What is the reason why the solar led outdoor lights battery is buried underground?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

         Due to the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and durability, low maintenance cost, clean and pollution-free, solar led outdoor lights have been loved by people and have become the main force of outdoor lighting in rural areas. The life of a solar led outdoor lights can reach 4 or 5 years, but the battery is relatively easy to lose. In general, the battery for solar led outdoor lights is buried underground, but do you know why the solar battery is buried underground? Today, solar led outdoor lights batteries generally use gel batteries. They are large in size and heavy in weight. They cannot be installed on the lamp head or on the pole, so they can only be buried underground. Of course, not only for this reason, but also the battery buried in the ground has many benefits:


solar powered outdoor street lights

       1.Anti-theft The battery is an important part of the best outdoor solar lights, and the price is relatively expensive, so it will naturally be targeted by some lawless elements. Therefore, the battery must be buried deep underground, and can not be buried too shallow, otherwise it will provide convenience for thieves.

          2.Prevent battery from entering water The battery is afraid of water, and the battery is no exception. Although the outer layer of the battery is made of waterproof measures, in order to better waterproof, it needs to be covered with cement in the surrounding area. In some constructions, a waterproof battery box is installed. Come waterproof.

solar powered outdoor street lights       

             3.Antifreeze The battery can generally be used normally at minus 30-60, but in an extremely cold environment, the battery"s endurance will be reduced, and very few will stop working. Therefore, if best outdoor solar lights are to be installed in the colder north, it is necessary to bury the battery deeper than 2 meters, because it can maintain a certain temperature.


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