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Inner Mongolia Replace Solar Led Parking Lot Lights To Facilitate People Travel


Published by Mars January 21,2021

        Since the implementation of the "Ten Full Coverages", Nanmu Olunchun Nationality Township, Zhalantun, Inner Mongolia, and the local enterprises of Nanmu Forestry Bureau have joined hands to work together and share results. Recently, in order to facilitate the passing of vehicles and pedestrians, and to focus on effectively promoting the “lighting project” of solar led parking lot lights, Nanmu Forestry Bureau has replaced and installed 156 solar street lights in the township, with a total investment of 358,800 yuan.


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       The street lamp along Linhai Road in Nanmu Oroqen Nationality Township was built in 2009. The long service life of ballasts, triggers and other facilities has led to aging, difficult maintenance, large power consumption, and less than ideal lighting effects. In order to focus on improving the lighting function of street lights, under the pressure of township government funding, Nanmu Forestry Bureau invested and provide labor to replace 156 outdoor solar street lights for the main roads in the township, which basically achieved full coverage of main street outdoor solar street lights, saving energy. To brighten and beautify the environment, it also brought safety and security to the people and vehicles, and actively promoted the construction of a new countryside.


solar street light suppliers

       It is understood that outdoor solar street lights can automatically control the switch according to the intensity of the light. As long as there is light, it can be charged. It can illuminate for four or five hours per night. After being fully charged, it can be normally illuminated for five or six cloudy days, which is very popular.

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