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       In 11th,October,2018,Mars solar led street light dealer Mr.Joseph visit Foshan Mars solar led street light factory again.After long time communication by email,Mars as top 10 manufacturer in China,Mr.Joseph as 5years experience for solar led street light dealer,finally negotiation with each other for business again.Both sides have abundant business experience and technology experience for solar led street light product.

                                             solar led street light dealers

        Mr.Joseph is a experienced solar led street light dealer,which come from Tanzania.As a professional solar led street light dealer,when they chose supplier,the quality/cost performance/technical support/advanced product design are all very important.Have strong support from the solar led street light factory,they can develop market completely no worries.Because Mars have strong strength to provide these things to him,so he chose Mars,as Mars’s solar led street light dealer in Tanzania.Dear reader, if you want to be an Mars solar led street light dealer, please feel free to contact us for details. This time Mr.Joseph have a project to install 150sets 50W all in one solar led street light in university and a police station which is besides university.This university is a private institution of higher education in Tanzania.The vocation is the intellectual and human training of students for the development of our society in relation to the evolution of the industrial,technological and business world.They need to strengthen the energy saving autonomy in order to overcome the instabilities of the electricity supply.


                                              solar led street light dealers

        Mr.Steve is 10 years experience sales for solar led street light.In Mars,it have five sales who have more than 5 years sale experience for solar led street light.He understand that Mr.Joseph is our solar led street light dealers,so our job must focus on helping the customer win the project,instead of simple to sell the products to our solar led street light dealers.He show our the most advanced solar led street light design to Mr.Joseph.Explain to him,what are the advantages if we use the new design solar led street light.In the ending,Mr.Joseph is satisfaction for Steve’s job,and agree to extended the agent agreement date.


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