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How to do solar led street light kit installation?


Published by Mars August 07,2020

          Tools and equipment needed to install solar led street light kit: multimeter, large wrench, thin wire, nylon cable ties, iron shovel, sling rope (material is soft belt; if it is wire rope, the rope must be wrapped on the rope or in the rope When adjusting the lamps, there are soft objects to avoid damage to the lamp body, cranes, lift trucks, etc.


battery operated street lights    

         When the solar led street light kit are vertical, the installation site should be cleaned first to ensure the environment is clean and tidy; the tools are counted to make sure that there are no omissions. Keep in mind when installing,handle the battery pack gently, and do not short-circuit the component or throw the component. The power cord and the junction box, the pole of the solar led street light kit post and the assembly are sealed with silicone. The battery assembly cable in battery operated street lights must be fixed firmly at the bracket to prevent the power cord from loosening or falling off due to prolonged sagging or pulling. When installing the solar led street light kit holder and the light source, take care to ensure that the translucent cover is clean and free of scratches. Do not roll or throw. Do not touch the battery terminals and control valves while moving the battery. Do not short circuit or roll or throw the battery. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles when wiring. It is forbidden to reverse the connection. The terminal is crimped firmly and there is no looseness. At the same time, the connection should be paid attention to. Do not touch the “+” and “-” poles of the solar module and battery at the same time to avoid the risk of electric shock.


battery operated street lights            Avoid scratching the battery operated street lights body during installation. The bolt joints of the lamp cap, the lamp arm, the upper lamp post assembly, and the solar cell module are firmly connected without looseness. A guard plate must be added when installing the solar module. The galvanized hole of the pole is sealed with silicone, which is beautiful.


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