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Why is the solar led street light price higher than commercial LED street lamps?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

           Nowadays, the sales volume of solar street lamps is the hottest among all street lamps. The state strongly supports new rural construction projects, while the installation of street lamps in rural areas mainly chooses energy-saving and environmentally-friendly solar street lamps. However, the solar led street light price is higher than that of LED street lamps of the same height. LED street lights are also very energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Why don"t rural areas use cheaper LED street lights? Why is the solar led street light price higher than that of commercial LED street lamps? Solar Street Light Price

         Firstly,street lamp cost.It is the main factor affecting the solar led street light price. Solar street lamps have different parts. The price of each part will determine the final led solar street light price list. The original of the solar energy street lamp is more expensive, which is the reason for its high cost.

          Secondly,the use of led bulbs.Led bulbs in use when the stability is very high, basically no long-term use will not cause problems. As long as you choose the right LED light, the sun light in the day is sufficient, you can meet the power consumption of the street lamp for one night, and it will be more convenient for the use of the street lamp.

         Thirdly,the use of safety.some ordinary street lights in the process of use, if the wire is broken or broken, the leakage of electricity in the rainy weather, these conditions will bring some safety hazards. Solar street lights do not have this problem, and the degree of security will be very high.    

          Fourthly,environmental protection and energy conservation. Now no matter what energy, there will be a certain consumption of nature. But the inexhaustible use of solar energy is a very environmentally friendly energy source compared with electricity. Moreover, there is no need to pay any fees when using it. When the ordinary street lamp is used, the electricity fee is also paid every month. As long as the weather is better, the street light can be used normally, which is convenient. solar street light price

         The solar street lamp has high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long service life, low working temperature, strong safety and reliability, small unit size and green environmental protection, so its led solar street light price list is definitely slightly higher than ordinary street lamps. But compared to its advantages, the led solar street light price list is actually not expensive.


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