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What is situation for solar panel road lamp in Malaysia?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

         Our friend Mr.Lin have visited Mars solar panel road lamp factory in 18th,September,2018.Last year,his business is focused on solar power system and portable led bulb in mobile night market in Malaysia.This year, the Malaysia government have a lot of incentive measures to develop solar panel road lamp which use in factory or school,so he move his business from mobile night market to factory and school solar panel road lamp.


solar panel road lamp  

       When the new government was first established,Mars have supplied solar panel road lamp products to Malaysia government.When the government make the first speech,they use our solar panel road lamp products.So now the Malaysia government is funding for solar panel road lamp budget.So Mr.Lin come to visit our factory and talk the details for this solar panel road lamp. The Malaysian project will fully equip with Mars Solar solar panel road lamp products. It adopts multiple designs according to local conditions, and the heat dissipation is completely timely, ensuring the service life and reliability. At the same time, the humanized installation design makes maintenance more convenient, and the safety factor of road lighting is greatly improved.In Malaysia, which is known for its hot, humid and rainy climate, Mars Solar solar panel road lamps can be in the best position with a proud attitude.

 solar panel road lamp  

          Since 2016,The Asian Development Bank (ADB) said it is certain that it will purchase more than 10,000 sets solar panel road lamp,set up a project in PPP mode, install it in the state of Melaka, Malaysia, and integrate a digital lighting control system. This solar panel road lamp project budget is US$5 million.In this part of the Malaysian plan to reduce carbon emissions by 40% in 2020. There are already related manufacturers ready to enter the project market.So the solar panel road lamp project have a very huge development potential in Malaysia.


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