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Solar Power Led Street Light Made In Europe


Published by Mars August 07,2020

       Now solar power led street light made in location is the new trend.More and more customer ask for SKD service.These customer will ask china solar power led street light suppliers get ready every raw materials,the solar panel,the led lamp,the led lamp housing,cable,even the screws,the glues and all package materials.The buyer from abroad get these materials and ship them to their country.There are raw materials,so it can save a lot of tax and duty when they import.


Solar power led street light   

       Solar power led street light products made in china become more and more high quality and efficiency,but still have some customers think products made in china is bad,so they don’t want to buy products which is made in china.In their solar led street light workshop in abroad,they assembly these materials and made a complete products.They do the QC test and operated test in abroad again,make sure the products is not problem.Then they can send to customer.Now the products become made in their location now. In Monday, Mr.Stephen from Hungary visit our solar power led street light workshop.He have bought 80sest 25W solar power led street light products from us in last years.The products running very good in whole years,so he like our products very much.This time,he visited china and want to talk the business details in the second order.His order is unstandard.He want the solar power led street light accessories pack in one package materials,but we don’t need to connect and assembly them.He will export these accessories materials to Hungary,and remade in his Hungary workshop,and then past the products by Made In Europe.

Solar power led street light  

      He need this solar power led street light products urgently,so we will pack them in plywood box and ship them by air.The shipping cost maybe higher than products cost.He tell us that these solar power led street light will use in a industrial zone in Indonesia.The products made in Europe is popular and can have a good price.


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