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How to judge the failure of solar street led lamp?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

           During the day, the solar street led lamp controller will charge the battery under the sunlight, and the red light will be on. The way to turn on the light is stroboscopic. The stronger the sunlight, the higher the charging current and the faster the strobe speed. The middle lamp represents the battery capacity, the red color indicates that the battery has been over-discharged, the yellow color indicates that the battery is under-voltage, and the green color indicates that the battery is all normal. Another red light represents the working state of Led. The constant light indicates that the battery discharge is normal, and the strobe represents a fault.

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        If the solar street led lamp is installed, the LED light source will not go out during the day, we need to check if the wiring is correct. Because the controller does not receive the voltage transmitted by the solar panel, the default Led will be in the working state until the set working time is over, which will cause it not work normally the next day. We need to detect whether the connection between the controller and the solar panel is reversed. Another possible reason is that the solar panel is directly short-circuited. Because high-power solar panels are diode-protected, the diodes can be cut to work properly. If the solar street led lamp is used for a period of time, it will not light up. When the battery indicator of the controller is red, it means that the battery has been over-discharged, it will automatically cut off the Led light source. By default, the LED light source can continue to work after the battery voltage is restored to the over-discharge protection voltage.

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   If the night LED light is on for a while, it will not light up. This situation usually occurs after a long rainy day, and the next night lights up and stops working. In this case, you can remove the line of the Led light source, let the solar energy charge the battery for one or two days to work normally. In fact, do not need to worry, the controller will protect the battery. If the Led light source does not light up, we need to check the indicator light of the controller. If the controller is damaged, the indicator light will be working incorrectly.


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