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Why do solar street light lamp kill traditional street lights?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

            With the development of technology,solar street light lamp have been widely used, and attracted by the market. Why are solar street light lamps able to kill traditional street lights once they are on the market? What are the mysteries?

                                solar street light lampsolar street light lamp

          The solar street light lamp uses sunlight as the energy source. During the daylight hours, the solar panel charges the battery. When the night needs illumination, the battery supplies power to the light source.

          Firstly, it does not need complicated and expensive pipeline installation and installation, and the layout of the solar street light lamp can be adjusted arbitrarily.

          Secondly, it is safe, energy-saving and pollution-free. No need for manual operation, stable and reliable, saving electricity and maintenance-free. What are the characteristics of solar street light lamp?Firstly,it is energy saving, it uses natural light source, no need to consume electrical energy, and it can not be used up.Solar street light lamp is environmental protection.With green environmental protection requirements, no pollution, no radiation, protect the ecology.

            Thirdly,solar street light lamp is safety, because the product does not use AC power, and the battery absorbs solar energy, and converts it into light energy through low-voltage direct current, which is the safest power source; It also another characteristics for solar street light lamp.It is high technology content, the core device of the product is an intelligent controller, the set of automatic control, time control switch device can automatically adjust according to the brightness of the sky within 24 hours a day and the brightness required by people in various environments.The characteristics of solar street light lamp has long service life, low installation cost and convenient maintenance. The accessories are international brands, intelligent design and reliable quality.The installation for characteristics of solar street light lamp is simple, do not need to wire or "open the belly" to dig the construction, there is no power outages and power concerns.

           Solar street light lamp is high grade technology products, green energy, the use of units attach importance to science and technology, green image improvement, grade upgrade.Use solar street light lamp mean less investment: One-time investment and AC equivalent (alternative investment from electricity, electricity, control box, cable, engineering, etc.), one investment, long-term use.


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