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How to solve the solar street light with inbuilt battery installation error?


Published by Mars August 01,2020

  Firstly, there are too many obstructions installed.The solar street light with inbuilt battery absorbs sunlight through the top solar photovoltaic panel, and then converts it into electrical energy and stores it in the battery. At night, the battery is energized to discharge the LED light. Therefore, solar street light with inbuilt battery can not be properly illuminated at night, depending on whether the solar photovoltaic panels can receive sunlight normally during the day. If there are too many obstructions around the solar street light with inbuilt battery, such as: leaves, buildings, etc., it will cause obstruction, affecting the normal operation of the solar photovoltaic panels. Absorption and utilization lead to a decrease in charging efficiency.

solar panel street light

  Solution: Solar street light with inbuilt battery should be kept away from obstructions when they are installed. If it is impossible to avoid obstructions, ensure that the solar panels are unobstructed in the south direction or that the illumination time is not less than 6 hours.

  Secondly, there are other light sources next to the solar powered flood lights

  The solar powered flood lights is an intelligent street light, which can make adjustments to the different black days of the four seasons through the light control of the photovoltaic panel, and does not need to be controlled by humans. If there is other light around the photovoltaic panel, it will lead to malfunction of the light control, and the solar powered flood lights will naturally not be able to light up normally. When installing solar powered flood lights, keep away from other light sources to avoid interference.

  Solution: If the solar powered flood lights has been installed and it is found that there is a light source on the photovoltaic panel and cannot be removed, it should be adjusted to the time control mode.

  Thirdly, the solar panel is placed indoors to charge.Some customers install solar powered outdoor lights indoors in order to save trouble. For example, in the island, in the carport, it is convenient to pass or park. Although these places have certain brightness during the day, they do not meet the demand for full charging. In the long run, it is easy to cause batteries. Damage or complete damage.

  Solution: If you want solar powered outdoor lights to have sufficient light, you should move the solar panels to the outside. If you want to solve indoor lighting, you can also use outdoor charging and indoor lighting.

solar panel street light

  Fourthly, the photovoltaic panel is facing the wrong

  Installation of photovoltaic panels requires fixing the photovoltaic panels before the vertical bars. If the vertical orientation of the photovoltaic panels is found after the vertical bars, the photovoltaic panels will not fully absorb the sunlight for charging.

  Solution: First, we must determine the direction of LED illumination, and then determine the orientation of the photovoltaic panel. When installing the photovoltaic panel, it should be installed in the most sufficient direction of sunlight.

  Fifth, the solar panel street light remote control will not be used correctly.

  Some construction workers do not use the engineering remote control correctly, and make a random press to ensure that the lights are off. In fact, this is a very wrong operation. It is possible to set the error parameter in the middle of the random press, causing the abnormal light to be turned on.

  Solution: Regular solar panel street light manufacturers generally have professional installation personnel to conduct on-site guidance and debug various parameters of solar panel street light.


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