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ZTE Builds Solar Street Light With Lithium Ion Battery Project In Togo


Published by Mars August 01,2020

         In the evening, on a street near Togo,the newly installed solar street light with lithium ion battery lit up, not only illuminating the night roads, but also attracting many small vendors. This is a new scene after the completion of the first phase of the 13,000 solar street light with lithium ion battery project in Togo in recent days. The contractor is ZTE Corporation (ZTE).

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       Togo is close to the equator, with sufficient sunshine but insufficient power supply. Abigail Chalabaro, director of the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Togo, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency recently that ZTE has done a great thing for the Togolese people. The successful implementation of this solar street light with lithium ion battery project will not only significantly reduce government public lighting expenses. Expenses, while driving local employment, have largely promoted local economic development.

           According to Qin Wei, project manager of ZTE, a total of 7,042 solar street light with lithium ion battery will be constructed in the first phase of the project, which will be distributed in more than 400 towns and villages in Togo. They are currently undergoing acceptance and put into use. The solar street light with battery and panel project uses the technology of intelligent control and LED lighting to work in a fully automatic state. After the solar street light with battery and panel project is completely completed, it will provide lighting for a total length of about 144 kilometers, which will greatly improve the safety of the road at night.


solar street light manufacturer

        "We are satisfied with the implementation of the project and the lighting effect," said Chara Barro. "ZTE subcontracted the project execution to the local company and provided good product and technical support. The company also trained on project maintenance and system commissioning. Local personnel, thus achieving technology transfer and ensuring the continuity of the project. "It is reported that the project is supported by the preferential loans of the Export-Import Bank of China. The second phase of the project will start at the end of September this year and a total of 5958 solar street light with battery and panel will be installed.

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