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The four major problems that affect street light led solar can not work for a long time!


Published by Mars July 06,2020

       Street light led solar are an integrated power generation and power system that can be have problems after a period of normal use. The main components of street light led solar are solar panels, batteries, light sources, etc., together with other components, the structure is relatively complicated, and the street light led solar are installed outdoors. After the influence of the external environment, various kinds of products will appear problem. The following will introduce in detail the four major problems that are likely to occur in the work of street light led solar.


Lamp solar street light


    The first problem is some street light led solar will have flashing lights or unstable brightness. A large part of the elimination of inferior street light led solar is caused by poor contact. If you encounter the above situation, you must first replace the light source. If you find that the situation still exists after replacing the light source, you can eliminate the light source problem. At this time, you can check the line, which is probably caused by poor line contact. The second problem is the rainy day is short.General street light led solar can last for 3-4 days or longer in rainy days, but some street light led solar will not shine or only last one or two days on rainy days.

Lamp solar street light

     There are two main causes of this situation.The first case is that the solar battery is not full. If the battery is not full, it is the charging problem of solar energy. First understand the recent weather conditions. Can you guarantee the charging time of 5-7 hours per day? If the charging time is short, the battery itself has no problem and you can use it with confidence. The second reason is the problem of the battery itself. If the charging time is sufficient, the battery"s power is still not full, it is necessary to consider whether the battery is aging, if it is aging, it should be replaced in time, so as not to affect the normal use of street light led solar. The battery has a service life of 4-5 years under normal operation. The thirdly problem is the street light led solar stops working.When the street light led solar stops working, first check the controller for damage, because most of the time, this is caused by damage to the solar controller. If damage is found, it should be repaired in time. In addition, you can check if it is caused by line aging.The fourth problem is solar panels are dirty and notched.Street light led solar are used for too long, and the panels are inevitably dirty and cornered. If there are leaves, dust, and bird droppings on the panel, clean it in time to avoid affecting the solar panel"s absorption of light energy. If there is a lack of corners in the solar street light panel, it will affect the charging of the battery and should be replaced in time. In addition, try not to block the solar panels during installation, affecting the charging effect. The above are the four major problems that street light led solar are prone to. If you want to avoid the above problems, you should choose a regular product. Secondly, after the street light led solar are installed, you should remember to check them in time to eliminate the faults and prolong the service life of the street light led solar.


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