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China's rural areas will be the main market for street light using solar panel in the future.


Published by Mars August 07,2020

  According to statistics, there are about 750,000 villages in China, but 200,000 of them cannot achieve normal lighting, and these rural areas are mainly concentrated in the western region. Especially in some remote rural areas where power grid construction is backward due to environmental and historical reasons, the status quo of infrastructure determines that the goal of achieving road lighting is still far away. The street light using solar panel has the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency and no pollution, and has become the best substitute for the comprehensive replacement of incandescent lamps.

  In recent years, LED has set off an unprecedented revolution in the lighting industry. Street light using solar panel occupy a very important position in outdoor lighting. When the night comes, I am afraid that the first thing that lights up is the street light using solar panel. However, the reform of street light using solar panel is not a one-step process. In the process of reform, many problems have also been encountered. Therefore, in the process of replacing ordinary street lamps with solar light street light, we must pay attention to methods, and analyze specific problems so that energy conservation can be achieved. At the same time of energy consumption, the maximum use of solar light street light to play its due role.

  Solar light street light are more energy-efficient than ordinary energy-saving lamps in all respects. This is undoubted, although at present, the price of solar light street light may be higher, but with the advancement of technology and With the maturity of the market, the market price of LEDs will also change. When the development technology of LED is more mature, the performance is more stable, and the price is more affordable, it is more practical to promote solar light street light from various aspects. The quality of cheap solar street lights and the quality of the festivals will directly affect the use of resources. The use of energy-saving lamps in the field of street lamps is also the biggest support for energy conservation and emission reduction policies.

  Under the background of the ever-changing world climate, which has a profound impact on human production and life, energy conservation and emission reduction, and environmental protection concepts, China is implementing an important energy conservation and emission reduction project in rural areas. The project plans to select 1,000 villages in phases over the past five years to build a public green lighting system, and gradually explore, establish and promote the development and utilization of rural clean energy, improve the ecological environment, and improve living standards. Therefore, we can foresee the future market of cheap solar street lights in rural China.


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