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Advantages And Disadvantages Of street solar outdoor light


Published by Mars July 06,2020

        Over the past decade, fossil fuels have become more expensive, and more and more companies and people are looking for a sustainable/green alternative energy source.Street solar outdoor light are clearly a more affordable off-grid solution than rooftop solar panels in grid-bundling systems. In general,street solar outdoor light have many advantages, such as no power plugs and simple installation, but street solar outdoor light good enough to replace off-the-shelf lights? Read and find out the answer! Here are some key points about street solar outdoor light.

                  street solar outdoor lightstreet solar outdoor light

         The advantage is street solar outdoor light are a more environmentally friendly option because they do not require electricity and therefore do not require standard power.Street solar outdoor light are easy to install and move to where they are needed because all the wires are on the same pole.Street solar outdoor light provide soft light because the power supply is limited, and the LEDs operate at a higher efficiency than the AC power supply at 12 VDC.Grants and tax incentives continue to help reduce the cost of solar energy. Each street solar outdoor light operates independently of the next street solar outdoor light (except for certain applications, such as signs, billboards, etc.). Low voltage provided by solar panels,It is safe.LEDs with directional illumination provide more light where needed and less light where it is not needed. Fixture styles are common to many different application and architectural requirements.

          The disadvantages is the color of the street solar outdoor light may be too blue, and with some types of LEDs, this is not a complementary landscape; however, understanding CRI will ensure that you won"t get too blue light. Some of the cheaper units may be fragile and not durable, As long as it is a commercial design system, do research and then buy. There is no solar energy at night, so you need a large battery pack to operate the street solar outdoor light to make sure you have the right power. Autonomy for your area depending on the location, the size of the solar panels varies depending on the sun exposure available in winter. In summary,street solar outdoor light have its advantage and disadvantage.But the advantage is better than disadvantage,so it still worth to use street solar outdoor light.


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