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How To Make Warehouse Lighting Fixture?


Published by Mars August 01,2020

  Recently,warehouse lighting fixture became urgent.Because some safety incidents occurred in warehouses,due to aging and severe damage to the led warehouse lighting.

warehouse lighting fixture  

         Before make the warehouse lighting fixture,we need to do some research.Led warehouse lighting system is generally opened in the case of weak night and cloudy sights,so the production in the warehouse can processed as usual.Generally,led warehouse lighting use metal halide lamps or high pressure sodium lamps as the light source.The disadvantage of metal halide lamp is that have shorter use life than high-pressure sodium lamp,have poor ability to transmit rain, but good color rendering.High-pressure sodium lamp has poor color rendering, but high light efficiency and strong ability to transmit rain. The common disadvantage of both is that the earthquake resistance is poor and the energy consumption is large.Led warehouse lighting is a kind of light device that directly converts electrical energy into light energy. Compared with traditional light source, it has the advantages of green environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency, long life, rich color, good shock resistance. A warehouse want to make warehouse lighting fixture.This warehouse covers an area of 36,548 square meters, with a building area of 35,770 square meters, a building area of 71,540 square meters, and a building height of 11.65 meters.The warehouse lighting design uses 534 sets of 250W metal halide lamps.According to the requirements of the warehouse user, it is necessary to achieve an average illumination of more than 100lx.Then can use 90W new design led warehouse lighting.


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         At present, there are many types of LED lamps that can be used in warehouse lighting fixture on the market.The new design led warehouse lighting should include these advantage :1)the led warehouse lighting angle can be adjusted according to the needs;2)Lightweight design, compared with the weight of traditional warehouse lamps, the advantages are very obvious, and the installation is simple and easy to maintain;3) Energy saving and environmental protection.


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