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40 Watt Led Solar Street Light Encounters Cost And Technical Bottleneck


Published by Mars August 01,2020

                 At present, many domestic enterprises have invested a lot of technology and funds to develop the emerging industry of 40 watt led solar street light. However, due to many problems such as cost and technology, the promotion of 40 watt led solar street light at this stage has encountered "bottleneck" problems.



40w solar led street light


          Gan Guilin,a solar assistant engineer said that for a set of 150-watt solar street lights, the initial investment is as high as 15,000 yuan, while the cost of each set of conventional street lights is only about 8,000 yuan. Despite the long service life of solar street lamps, it can be equal to the investment of conventional street lamps after many years, but later maintenance and replacement costs are higher. For example, the lead-acid batteries commonly used in solar street lamps have a service life of only 4-6 years. During the period of use, the expensive battery must be replaced more than 3 times.


            The photoelectric conversion efficiency of 40 watt led solar street light panels is low, currently only about 15%, which seriously affects the power generation efficiency of 40 watt led solar street light.The cost of solar power generation is currently about 3 yuan per KWH, which is much higher than conventional power generation. At the same time, for urban roads with high requirements for street lamp illuminance, solar street light 40w also have defects such as narrow light coverage and insufficient uniform brightness, which has become a major obstacle to the promotion and application of solar energy.


40w solar led street light


         It is understood that at present, even in some places in the country, even if the government can invest a large amount of money at one time to use solar street light 40w for road lighting projects, but then it can not afford more funds for later maintenance and replacement, solar street light 40w have become a decoration. Due to these constraints, solar street light 40w are currently popularized and applied in places with low brightness and illuminance, such as roads, parks, and towns in urban communities.

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