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Led Solar Street Lamp 40W Are The New Favorite Of Urban Roads


Published by Mars March 01,2021

             With the continuous expansion of the scale of urban construction in China, the total number of urban street lamps is increasing at a rate of about 20% per year, but environmental protection and energy-saving led solar street lamp 40w are slow to promote due to the existing technology and cost "bottlenecks". Relevant information shows that the development of China's street lamp industry has reached more than 10 million lamps and landscape lighting lamps have exceeded 23 million lamps (excluding street lamp lighting systems below county level). The power consumption of street lamp lighting accounts for the total power consumption of national lighting 30% of the amount.


40 watt led solar street light
























          Today, with increasing energy shortages and continued power supply shortages, relevant national ministries and commissions have clearly proposed that urban road lighting should develop in the direction of "green lighting" that is "efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and healthy." Led solar street lamp 40W are becoming the new darling of the urban road lighting industry.



40 watt led solar street light



          Wang Yan, a researcher at Qinghai New Energy Co., Ltd., said that a 400-watt conventional street lamp consumes more than 1,000 kilowatt hours a year, which is equivalent to more than 400 kilograms of standard coal. If it is replaced with 1000 sets of led solar street lamp 40w with equivalent lighting effects, it can save millions of degrees of electricity indirectly in one year, saving more than 400 tons of standard coal.


              Solar photovoltaic power generation has the advantages of cleanliness, safety, and universality that cannot be matched by hydropower, thermal power, and nuclear power. Led solar street lamp 40w composed of solar cells, batteries, controllers, and luminous bodies can achieve independent power supply, independent and safe, convenient and fast installation, no need for wiring, plus many advantages such as reliability and durability, reducing noise pollution, etc. The development prospects in the urban road lighting industry are very promising. 

             My country's 50 watt solar street light were first used in developed coastal areas, and Shanghai completed the solar-wind hybrid road lighting project on Chongming Island in 2005. Qinghai Province, which is relatively rich in solar energy resources, has installed more than 200 sets of 50 watt solar street light in Xining and other places since 2006; 50 watt solar street light are widely used in the main venues and related venues of the Beijing Olympic Games.

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