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Yingli Donates 40W Solar Led Street Light To Poor Villages


Published by Mars January 21,2021

       Recently, whenever night falls, 35sets 40w solar led street light will automatically light up in Xiaodexiang Village, Hengshui City, Hebei Province. Under the light of the40w solar led street light, the night in the village is no longer as dark as before. The villagers returning home under the guidance of the lights feel at ease to go home, and the neighborhood is more convenient. It is with the help of Yingli Group that these 40w solar led street light not only illuminate the roads in the village, but also warm the hearts of nearly a thousand villagers in the village.

40w solar street light

      Xiaodexiang Village is located in Qinglan Township, southwest of Jingxian County, Hengshui City. The village's economic source mainly depends on the cultivation of corn, wheat and other food crops. It is a typical village with traditional planting industry as the main source. According to Zhang Lanhua, the director of the village committee of Xiaodexiang Village, there are some ordinary street lamps in the village streets, but due to the high cost of electricity, it will only be turned on every few days of the Spring Festival every year. Especially in the cold winter, the public lighting Lack of inconvenience caused local residents to travel.


led solar street lamp 40w


        After understanding the local difficulties and needs, Yingli Group's Photovoltaic Power Investment Group (hereinafter referred to as "Yingli Power Investment") planned to launch a "green energy to light the village" public welfare project, using Yingli's advanced technology and quality products in the field of 40w solar led street light Launched this operation to send light. After several days of inspection and construction and zero-distance interaction with local villagers, Yingli ’s 10 volunteers not only witnessed the night here being lit by 40w solar street light, but also realized the importance of night lighting in rural areas.

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