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Philippine Department of Energy Seeks Wipro Solar Street Light For Remote Areas


Published by Mars March 01,2021

         In 2011, the Department of Energy of the Philippines approved a total of 7 solar projects from 6 companies, with a total power generation of 190,000 kilowatts. The Philippines Department of Energy is currently seeking wipro solar street light worth nearly 125 million yuan for remote areas. The Ministry of Energy said in the tender announcement: "The Ministry of Energy is implementing the home electrification plan, which requires the supply, delivery,  installation, testing and commissioning of wipro solar street light.


40w solar street light

       "The bidder invited by the Ministry of Energy will provide 6,460 home solar photovoltaic systems with a capacity of 30WP, 151 sets of 75WP wipro solar street light and 85 sets of 75WP domestic solar photovoltaic systems for families in remote areas. The approved contract budget is RMB 124.545 billion.



40w solar led street light


        The Ministry of Energy said that qualified bidders must complete a similar project in the past five years, with a project amount equivalent to 50% of the budget. The winning bid should also provide technical training for end users. The pre-tender meeting is scheduled for July 13, and the bidding meeting is scheduled for July 31.

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