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Battery Operated Street Lights Must Be Kept Clean And Regularly Maintained


Published by Mars August 07,2020

         Battery operated street lights must be kept clean and must be cleaned regularly, because battery operated street lights poles are often exposed outdoors and have experienced wind and rain, so there will be more dust. Regularly wipe the dirt with a damp cloth to keep the battery operated street lights post as clean as new. When cleaning, pay attention to wiping in one direction, the intensity of the action to maintain moderate, and gentle to the vulnerable parts.


solar street light manufacturers

      Today, I followed the solar street light manufacturers to understand the requirements for winter maintenance of battery operated street lights. The interior of the solar led street light all in one has a certain cleaning effect, and in some cases, we will clean the solar panel.In areas with low winter temperatures, the maintenance of solar led street light all in one in winter is mainly to prevent the solar battery from being frozen, and the foundation pit should be reasonably set, and the depth is generally 50cm to 100cm to ensure a constant battery temperature.


solar street light manufacturerssolar street light manufacturers

     Another aspect to pay attention to is that the intensity of light absorbed by the solar panel of the solar led street light all in one is reduced, which directly affects the use of the entire system. Therefore, when choosing solar led street light all in one, we will customize the details of the use of solar panels in winter for customers to increase the power of solar panels. There is also a solar battery for winter maintenance of solar led street light all in one. Solar batteries are mostly lead-acid maintenance-free batteries or gel-maintenance-free batteries. Due to the low temperature in winter, the effective charging capacity of lead-acid batteries will be reduced by 20% and the effective capacity of gel batteries will be reduced by 10%. The time is reduced, so you need to increase the capacity when choosing a battery.

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