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Problems Often Occurring In The Summer Of Solar Street Light Luminary


Published by Mars August 07,2020

       Despite the stringent quality inspections for the manufacture of various street light systems, the weather in summer is hot and rainy. However, over time, many unexpected situations will emerge. As temperatures rise and climate changes, public facilities such as solar street light luminary and LED street lights will become higher.


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        Then, the solar street light manufacturer will explain to you the problems that often occur in the summer of solar street light luminary and the countermeasures: Because most of China has a subtropical monsoon climate, summers are often hit by strong winds (such as typhoons). Strong winds pose a huge challenge to these high-light but relatively weak street lights. The panels and lights with solar street light luminary seem to fall, the utility poles are tilted, and the phenomenon of dumping is not good. This will not only make the lighting work properly, but also cause great safety risks for pedestrians and vehicles. Therefore, before the strong wind strikes, it is necessary to carry out safety performance inspections to eliminate the hidden danger of solar street light luminary and LED street lights. Visit the site and check the condition of the solar led street light with pole to see if the battery panels and lights are shaking, whether the street lights are tilted, the base fixing bolts are firm, and whether they are loose. If any of the above is true, it should be eliminated in time to avoid it.


solar street light manufacturer

             As the temperature rises sharply, the energy storage of the battery will also be affected. It is necessary to detect the previous battery in time and replace the solar battery whose capacity cannot meet the requirements for use, so as not to affect the normal work. In addition, you need to check the waterproof performance of the system. Open the door at the bottom of the solar led street light with pole, take out the controller of the solar led street light with pole, and check for poor contact, water seepage and falling tape. If there is such a phenomenon, it should be rectified in time to eliminate hidden dangers. Due to the large amount of rain in summer, rainwater does not generally enter the interior of the light pole, but the condensation of water vapor can also cause a short circuit. In summer, there are heavy rains again and again, and the depth of water often seems to have not been seen for many years. In special cases, it is necessary to prevent it before it happens.

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