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What tests are required for commercial solar street lights before leaving the factory?


Published by Mars August 07,2020

       Commercial solar street lights have been used in many areas today, but the quality of commercial solar street lights are uneven. Some commercial solar street lights are expensive, some commercial solar street lights are low in price. There are a lot of solar street light with battery produced by small workshops, and there are not many tests like regular solar street light with battery manufacturers. Today, we will tell you about the five test items that a regular solar street light with battery manufacturer produces.

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        1.Photoelectric performance test. This measure can effectively detect whether the solar street lamp has a virtual standard. The luminous efficiency, color temperature, input and output power, and voltage stability of the product can be detected by the test.

       2.Solar powered street lights residential source quality,lens process evaluation, package glue type, presence or absence of contaminants, air bubbles, air tightness evaluation, chip process evaluation, chip graphic microstructure measurement, defect search, chip contamination identification, presence or absence of leakage, and damage.Wire bond bonding process evaluation, first and second weld morphology observation, arc height measurement, diameter measurement, lead component identification.

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      3.The heat dissipation performance of the solar powered street lights residential. Evaluation of the heat dissipation performance of solar powered street lights residential. As a new type of energy-saving solar system led light, only 30-40% of the electrical energy is converted into light during the illumination process, and the rest are converted into heat. Moreover, the life and quality of the lamp are closely related to the temperature. The lamp temperature, the case temperature and the heat dissipation temperature will be related to the uniform illumination and the quality life.           4.Solar system led light power quality identification. The function of the drive power is to convert the AC mains into a suitable DC. Reliability, efficiency, power factor, drive mode, surge protection, temperature negative feedback protection, etc. should be considered when selecting and designing the drive power supply. solar light cost

          5.Solar system led light appearance inspection,include visual inspection, dimensional inspection, material inspection, assembly inspection


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