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What are the difference between solar street lamp and led street lights?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

       Led street lights are the types of energy-saving lamps that are familiar to the general public and are most exposed. In contrast, ordinary people in solar powered pole lamps may have much less contact, and their understanding of energy conservation and environmental protection is also “listening to the sound”. So what are the differences and differences between solar street lamp and led street lights? solar powered led pole lights

           In fact, there are differences and connections between solar street lamp and led street lights. First of all, the led street lights focuses on the light source of the street light, and the LED light is used. The power supply system is still traditional thermal power or hydropower; the solar street lamp use solar energy, and most of its lighting systems are also used for LED lights. Through the brief introduction and analysis of the two points above, we should have a rough answer to the energy-saving comparison between solar street lamp and led street lights. Yes, in terms of energy saving, solar parking lights are definitely better than LED street lights, because solar parking lights not only have the energy saving energy of LED lights, but also use solar energy to convert electricity. The energy saving advantage is self-evident!

solar powered led pole lights 

          Solar parking lights are independently powered. No need to pay expensive electricity after installation. The solar panels with the longest service life can reach 30 years. The cost is recovered in 6-7 years. The outstanding performance of solar parking lights is not to be questioned. solar powered led pole lights

          Led street light is the essence of the lighting system of solar powered pole lamps, using led light source, high efficiency and energy saving without pollution, 70% energy saving than the original energy-saving lamp or high-pressure sodium lamp, the service life can reach more than 50,000 hours, the power consumption of the light source has been greatly reduced, which has played a role in better energy saving. In the current road lighting project, the original high-pressure sodium lamp or energy-saving lamp is gradually replaced by led street lamp, which saves a lot of energy for the country every year.


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