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How to do the work of maintaining solar dusk to dawn street light in summer?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

           In the street lamp industry, it is necessary to do the maintenance work in the summer to ensure the normal operation of the street lamps. Although solar dusk to dawn street light have strictly quality inspection before leaving the factory, long-term continuous work will inevitably lead to some unexpected situations. Temperature changes, weather effects and man-made damage will also lead to an increase in the failure rate. So, what factors are often affected by solar dusk to dawn street light in summer?

outdoor solar street lamps

          Firstly,weather influence. In summer, have subtropical monsoon climate, and there are often convective weather in summer. Rain, thunderstorms and typhoons often occur. It is a big challenge for those solar dusk to dawn street light with high altitude and relatively weak foundation. Adverse events such as loose solar dusk to dawn street light panels, falling lamps, and tilting of the poles occur from time to time, which not only affects normal lighting work, but also poses a significant safety hazard to pedestrians and vehicles in densely populated areas. As the saying goes, prevent problems before they happen. The safety performance inspection, maintenance and overhaul of solar street lights for home should be completed in advance, which can greatly avoid the above adverse events. Check the overall situation of the solar street lights for home, see if the battery board and the lamp head are loose, see if the street light is tilted, and if the bolt is firm. If there is any of the above, it should be eliminated in time to avoid accidents. outdoor solar street lamps

         Secondly,temperature effect.As summer approaches, the temperature rises sharply, and the energy storage of lithium batteries will also be affected. Especially after exposure to the sun, if there is a thunderstorm, it is necessary to carry out regular inspection and maintenance. If the capacity does not meet the requirements of the lithium battery, replace it in time to avoid affecting the normal operation of solar powered led pole lights. As the core component of the solar powered led pole lights, the controller must check its waterproof performance. Open the door at the bottom of the solar powered led pole lights, take out the controller of the solar powered led pole lights, and check if the joint has tape, poor contact, water seepage, etc. Once the above problems are found, corresponding measures should be taken in time to rectify and correct the potential safety hazards as soon as possible. In summer, the amount of rainwater is sufficient. Although under normal circumstances, rainwater will not directly enter the interior of the pole, but the high temperature weather will evaporate into water vapor and will be short-circuited. In the period when there are many rainy seasons, it is necessary to pay attention to it. There will be some special circumstances, so it is necessary to prevent it before it happens. outdoor solar street lamps  

        Thirdly,tree influence.Nowadays, the country pays more attention to the greening project, which leads to many solar street light with motion sensor projects will follow the greening project. However, in the summer thunderstorm weather, the trees along the solar street light with motion sensor are easily blown down by the wind, destroyed or directly damaged the solar street light with motion sensor. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly trim the trees around the solar street light with motion sensor, especially during the summer season when the plants are mad. It is not worth the loss, ensuring the stable growth of trees can reduce the damage caused to the solar streetlights caused by the dumping of trees. In short, we must do the maintenance of outdoor solar street lamps in the summer to avoid unnecessary losses, "preventing problems before they happen."


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