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How to effectively maintain led street light with solar panel?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

        Today, led street light with solar panel are used more and more around the world, and many people prefer to use led street light with solar panel. Led street light with solar panel are relatively sophisticated and belong to electronic products. We need maintenance, but many people don"t know how to maintain solar led street lamp. Let me talk about how to effectively maintain solar led street lamp?

solar panel street light

        1.Solar led street lamp If the weather is in a bad weather, maintenance personnel must effectively protect the solar cells in time. Otherwise the circuit is easyto have fault.

     2.Regularly check the luminous surface of the solar powered street lightsbattery. If it is found that there is a lot of dust or other pollutants on its surface, it must be rinsed with water or wiped clean with a wet cloth. Never use a hard object or a corrosive liquid to clean and wipe it, which will directly affect its power generation efficiency.

   3.When maintaining the solar powered street lights battery pack, it must be carried out in strict accordance with the battery maintenance standard method, and the circuit system should be checked regularly. If there is a loose part of the leak, it should be adjusted and maintained in time, and these resistances should be checked to ensure the normal operation of the solar powered street lights.

  4.If the traffic volume of the road where the solar street lamp is located is relatively large, the maintenance personnel should always check the battery pack. Because if the traffic volume on the road is large, the dust in the gray air is also quite large. This will cause a large amount of dust on the battery pack, so it is necessary to carry out cleaning work regularly. Otherwise, the accumulation of dust for a long time will cause the battery pack to malfunction. And it also has a very large impact on the service life of the battery, or directly lead to inoperability.

solar panel street light

       In a short, when the solar street lamp is being maintained, if it is on the road in the country, it is best to clean it once every six months or so. If it is a city road, it should be cleaned every three months.


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