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NC Lathe Workshop Needs To Choose Explosion Proof Led Drop Lights


Published by Mars August 07,2020

     Explosion proof led drop lights are generally used in flammable, explosive and dusty dangerous places. In actual use, many CNC machining lathes use explosion proof led drop lights instead of ordinary work lights. why?


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      Using ordinary fluorescent lamps, the lamp is cheap, the lamp is easy to replace, easy to install, and easy to maintain. However, in actual use, iron scraps may fly out during processing. The glass on the CNC lathe is designed to block iron chips of general force at the beginning of the design, and some of the iron chips have a particularly strong impact force, which easily breaks the glass. The general fluorescent lamp, because of the pursuit of light transmission, has a very thin tube wall, a little impact, and the light can easily burst, so it is easy to cause an accident. Therefore, many companies have chosen explosion proof led drop lights. In the process of use, the performance of 100w explosion proof led drop lights is also very satisfactory to users.

led explosion proof light price

        The shell of the cooper explosion proof lighting is made of aluminum alloy. The glass bezel is made of special all-tempered glass.,has strong impact resistance. Even if the iron filings rotate at high speed, it is not easy to smash the cooper explosion proof lighting. The glass baffle has a good light transmission effect, so that the machining environment can be better seen when the lathe is processing. LED lamp beads have soft light. Bright and stable. Other advantages such as wide irradiation area.

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