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What Are Explosion Proof Light Fixtures Led?


Published by Mars August 01,2020

      In fact, explosion proof light fixtures led are not explosion-proof bulbs, bulbs are ordinary LED light sources, they are not explosion-proof themselves, but an explosion proof light fixtures led housing is added to them, and the incoming wire method uses a threaded knob. Explosion proof light fixtures led is to prevent the arc, spark and high temperature that may be generated inside the LED lamp, so as to achieve the effect of explosion-proof.

led explosion proof light price

       Where are explosion proof light fixtures led used? Such lamps are generally not used in ordinary places. We usually use 40w explosion proof light fixtures led at gas stations. When driving to refuel, pay attention to it; some of them are for cars, furniture, machinery crouse hinds led explosion proof will also be installed in places where equipment is painted (such as spray booths), because paint is also flammable; similar to some extractors, reactors, and CNC lathes on some grain and oil equipment, crouse hinds led explosion proof are basically installed.

led explosion proof light price

      Places with relatively large dust, such as workshops for polishing wheel hubs and fans' workshops, must be equipped with dust crouse hinds led explosion proof lamps; there are also places like power plants, chemical plants, oil depots, coal plants and other places that require crouse hinds led explosion proof.

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