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Some common sense to buy LED hazardous area lighting


Published by Mars July 06,2020

                    LED hazardous area lighting are special-purpose LED lamps, which are rarely seen in ordinary life, and are mostly used in factories, warehouses and some special places. So what are the common sense of purchasing LED hazardous area lighting?


hazardous location led lighting

        First of all, the LED hazardous area lighting is composed of several major components:

1.light source;

2.power supply; 



      Firstly,The light source of LED hazardous area lighting----LED light source.LED light source related parameters are: brightness illuminance / color temperature / thermal light source / cold light source / luminous flux / luminous intensity / power / light source brand / LED light source shape and between them Relationship

hazardous location led lighting        

        Secondly,the component is the power supply----drive power supply. Including the power/power supply capacity and the relationship between the current and voltage and the illumination time of the light source Finally, the shell - including the shell material / explosion-proof grade / degree of protection / anti-corrosion grade, etc. Understand the above concepts and relationships, you can correctly select the corresponding LED hazardous area lighting


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