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Why do you need to use hazardous location led lighting for refueling stations?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

                    The traditional gas station lighting only provides the light source used for gas station lighting, and the light source is also lacking in good optical light distribution design. It often makes customers feel very irritating when entering the gas station especially from dark roads,resulting in unpleasant feeling. . Low-quality lighting is not only bad for the environment, but also wastes energy. It also affects the customer base of the gas station and the willingness to park and refuel, and it also reduces the efficiency of employees.So need to use higher performance hazardous location led lighting. The first place for gas stations is to create a sense of security and brightness for customers to attract customers; to be as convenient as a 24-hour convenience store at night, customers feel at ease and safety. Good customer service begins at the moment when the customer enters the gas station. The uniform light distribution and reasonable illumination form the customer"s feeling of good comfort. At night or in the rainy day, the good light source that gives people a clear feeling is to please the customer. The first element. In the long run, when customers see the gas station, they will feel a pleasant feeling through linkage, and then attract customers to come and cheer.


hazardous location led lighting

             Therefore, in the future development trend of the gas station market, lighting should grasp the following points in terms of functions:

        1. Attracting customers" attention: Bright and easily identifiable markers will be eye-catching and give customers a sense of trust and security.

       2. Establish brand effect: Using nighttime lighting, it can strengthen the brand and promote the concept of marketing and marketing, and fully display the brand image of the gas station.

      3. Pleasant consumer experience: The main purpose of customers visiting gas stations is to refuel, and they will make a short break and shop by the way. Car wash and other activities. A good gas station lighting environment will bring a pleasant consumer experience, and they will visit or choose the same brand of gas station next time.

        4. The scope of gas station lighting design: including not only fueling area lighting, other lighting such as gas station image marking, import and export square road (including guiding) lighting, convenience store lighting, flammable explosion, volatile in petroleum products, Easy to leak, easy to collect static charge characteristics. Gas stations must establish the "safety first" idea, then we should choose a gas station special explosion-proof lamps for the special environment of the gas station, do not use ordinary lamps on the market.


hazardous location led lighting        

         Maintenance-free hazardous location led lighting, using high-pressure die-casting aluminum alloy shell, surface electrostatic spray anti-corrosion treatment, can withstand harsh environment, with explosion-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion function, and passed the national authority explosion-proof certification, this lamp is fully in line with the gas station The illuminance requirements are beautiful, high-grade, safe and energy-saving. The humanized shape design embodies the aesthetic requirements of the modern oil station lighting fashion and the natural and harmonious concept of human nature. The energy saving rate is at the leading level in the country, and the energy saving effect is very obvious. The use of professionally designed gas station luminaires not only allows the driver to clearly identify the location and highlight the brand logo of the petrol station within a certain distance, giving the driver a comfortable and safe refueling environment, and can be achieved in daily operations. Energy-saving effect, more than 60% energy saving than traditional lighting fixtures. The lowest initial input cost and daily operating cost, in order to achieve the maximum benefit of energy saving.

          This product has been widely used in gas stations, chemical plants, metallurgy, power plants, ships, warehouses and other inflammable and explosive places and flammable dust environment lighting, lamp size and power size and installation methods can be customized according to user requirements.


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