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How Long Can The Service Life Of Inbuilt Battery Solar Street Light Be Used?


Published by Mars September 18,2020

    With the implementation of beautiful rural construction projects,inbuilt battery solar street light have gradually come into people's sight. Most rural areas have adopted inbuilt battery solar street light as the best choice for outdoor lighting.Inbuilt battery solar street lightare an independent lighting system, simply It is to generate electricity for its own use, without access to 220V thermal power. During the day, solar energy is converted into electrical energy through battery panels and stored in lithium batteries.


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        When the sky is dark, the intelligent control system for street lights supplies power to inbuilt battery solar street light sources through lithium batteries. For the solar panel, it is made of pure silicon plate as the main material, with a lifetime of more than 25 years, followed by a LED light source with a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours, and normal use can also last up to about 10 years, followed by lithium Batteries, currently used in domestic inbuilt battery solar street light special lithium batteries, the cycle number can reach more than 2000 times, and the life span is more than 8 years.


solar street led light factory

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