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The Installation Of Photovoltaic Street Lighting System Is So Simple And Quick


Published by Mars September 18,2020

           Generally, the installation of street lamps first requires the laying of cables. This requires the excavation of cable trenches, laying of concealed pipes, pipe threading, and backfilling of many lamps. Installation of general street lights and long-term device debugging. If there is a problem with a line, it is necessary to rework it in a large area. The amount of engineering required is also very messy. The installation of photovoltaic street lighting system is relatively simple. For those with 6m photovoltaic street lighting system and less than 9m, only one or two workers are required to make a cement base, and then the photovoltaic street lighting system are fixed with stainless steel screws.


mini solar street light

         In use, in order to ensure the beauty and the battery components can better receive the solar radiation, please clean the dust on the solar panel every six months, but do not rinse with water from the bottom up. Should try to use a waterproof photovoltaic street lighting system controller, place the controller on the light pole or the top of the light pole to ensure long-term stability, but also to prevent users from randomly changing the lighting time. If you use a non-waterproof compact solar street light controller, the terminal is bent downwards and the wiring is bent into a U shape, which can prevent water from entering the compact solar street light controller from the line.


mini solar street light

        Since the use of compact solar street light, although there have been mixed reviews, the overall praise for it still occupies a large share, and the installation of compact solar street light is also very simple.


         The compact solar street light battery will generate flammable gas (hydrogen) slightly during charging or storage, so do not place the battery in a central storage temperature 10-25 ℃ environment where sparks are likely to occur, and prevent direct sunlight. When installing mini solar street light, copper wires of better quality should be used. Due to electrical conductivity, current and voltage will have certain losses in the output process, which not only increases power consumption, but also can cause the LED drive power to not work properly in severe cases.

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