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What Are The Maintenance Methods Of Lazada Solar Street Light?


Published by Mars October 28,2020

1.Battery problems for lazada solar street light:If the lighting time is short and the energy storage of the battery drops, the battery should be replaced;


battery operated street lights

2.LED light source problem for lazada solar street light.Lazada solar street light beads are not fully lit. In addition to the quality of the LED light source itself, it is a welding problem. It should be replaced in time.

3.In places where lazada solar street light are installed, insufficient inbuilt battery solar street light can't accumulate energy for batteries is also a major problem.Should find such a place, inbuilt battery solar street light to meet lighting needs.


battery operated street lights

4.The circuit connection is poor, the battery feeds, and the energy storage drops, which will cause the inbuilt battery solar street light to flicker. Inbuilt battery solar street light should be replaced or repaired in a timely manner.

5.The inbuilt battery solar street light is bad. First, check the battery operated street lights controller for water. If it ‘s not the controller ‘s problem, check whether the battery has voltage and the voltage is lower than 10.8V. If it ’s not, then check whether the battery board has voltage. Replace the battery panel without voltage.

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