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What is Mars led solar panel street light project in Tanzania?


Published by Mars August 07,2020

        In November,2018,Foshan Mars Solar have received led solar panel street light order from Tanzania customer.

                                            solar led street lamp manufacturer

           This led solar panel street light order is from Mr.Victor.We begin to discuss led solar panel street light order since 2017.In that time,he just begin to prepare the tender.This led solar panel street light system include 2pcs 150W solar panel,2pcs 12V120AH gel battery,1pc 15A24V solar led street light controller,100W/24V led street lamp.The led solar panel street light controller is specially design,can connect with city power.In case the sunshine can not generate enough power in rainy season.Most of the led solar panel street light system have not this function,only few company can make it,Foshan Mars Solar is one of them. After long term communication,we show to Mr.Victor about our products,our quality,our company strength.He is so interesting to know that our slogan:provide 365days non stop working led solar panel street light.It is 100% match his requirement.And then,he ask for us provide the installation guide and user manual to him.Actually,in led solar panel street light area,only few company provide this document to customer.Because this document is very complicated ,most of other supplier just assembly the each parts,they don’t have professional pictures/drawing and knowledge to write this document.

                                         solar light lamp road price

         Mr.Victor ask for the discount for this led solar panel street light order,and provide a exactly ideal price to us.Because quality is our culture,we only can use high grade materials,so the materials cost will be higher than some another supplier.Finally,even our price is a little higher than his price,he still make this order to us.He think our product quality and value is worth this price.Now we have brought our products and certification to BV,ask them provide the COC certification to us.Then Victor can make the custom clearance easy.Without COC,it will have problem to make the custom clearance in Tanzania.The COC certification from BV is very strictly,not only need the suitable certification,but also need the certification lab have high qualification.This certification is serious certification,only quality products can pass this certification.Now the certification have finished and waiting for the container loading.


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