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Can solar powered street lighting fixture use the previous led street lamp?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

           More and more customer make the solar powered street lighting fixture, want to switch city power street light to solar power street light. Some customers have asked us, they are using city power street light, want to change the power source from city power to solar power, so if the solar powered street light can use the previous led street lamp or not. To find out the answer, we need to starts with the construction of the solar powered street lighting. smart solar powered street lighting  

        Smart solar powered street light are made up of LED street light, solar panels, batteries, solar led street light poles, controllers and other electronic components. These components are indispensable. City power solar power street lights are made up of LED street light, AC power source, cable. The LED street lamp itself are all DC current, just have difference for the DC voltage. The LED chip connection way is difference, then the LED lamp voltage and current will be difference. The customers' question mentioned the previous AC led street light. It needs to pay attention, because the solar street light is a system, each device need to matched, if the power parameters of other supporting parameters are appropriate, the led street light is not faulty. It can be used, but if the product does not meet the standard, it is a hidden danger to the project.

          When the super bright solar powered street light manufacturer constructs the project, it will make an overall plan according to the customer"s engineering needs. Because the customer wants to use the previous led street lamp lamp, as long as the project acceptance can pass, it will not affect the use of the whole lamp, led street lights transformed into solar street lights can use the previous led street lamp. If can use the previous led street lamp, need to uninstall the AC power source in the previous led street light, replace led solar street light controller. Besides, the solar led street lighting pole need to make some adjustment, add the solar panel bracket and battery bracket. best solar powered street lighting


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