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New led solar street lamp settled in Hengshan Scenic Area


Published by Mars July 06,2020

       With the continuous development of solar power generation technology, led solar street lamp have become the new darling of urban road lighting industry with the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, and the market potential is huge. In terms of energy saving, led solar street lamp do not consume conventional power. The conventional street lighting consumes 30% of the total electricity consumption of the national lighting.

                                                                        led lamp solar street

       Hengshan is one of the most famous mountains in China. We learned in Hengshan Scenic Spot that the new led lamp solar street system with a total investment of 650,000 yuan was put into full operation in Hengshan Scenic Area. Hengshan Scenic Area firmly grasps the opportunity of the International Solar Decathlon Competition in Datong City, accelerates the construction of green, science and technology, humanities, Yiyou and beautiful Hengshan, and installs 128 elegant and antique “China Red” led lamp solar street along the main road of Hengshan. The palace lamp shape solar street lamp makes the modern green energy-saving technology and the charm Beiyue integrated into one, adding a unique “bright” beauty to the scenic spot, which also greatly facilitates tourists to visit at night.

                                                  street lamp solar

        It is understood that the street lamp solar composed of solar cells, batteries, controllers and LED street lamps have the unparalleled plot, safety and universality of hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power. Street lamp solar In the harsh environment and climatic conditions, photovoltaic power generation systems rarely fail; most of the current solar cell module production technology is sufficient to ensure that performance does not decline for more than 25 years. Industry experts pointed out that with the continuous advancement of solar power generation technology and the further reduction of power generation costs, the solar lamp street industry with great potential will surely move towards real marketization. These Hengshan uses polycrystalline silicon solar panels to convert solar radiation energy directly into green, non-polluting electrical energy. The street lamps are 60W, and can be operated continuously for 7 days without sunlight. This is also the first solar street lighting system in Datong City to settle in the county (scenic area).


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