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What are the situations for led lamp solar street in Yunnan?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

  Street lamps can bring many conveniences for people’s travel. Therefore, street lamps are important devices for people in their daily work and life. Most of China"s population lives in rural areas. The development of the countryside is the most concerned issue of successive governments. In the most important food, clothing, housing and transportation of the people, the installation of street lamps is to solve the problem of villagers" travel. Installation of conventional street lights, the installation cost is relatively low, but the problem is they don"t know who pays for the monthly electricity bill. The installation of led lamp solar street, the cost is relatively high, but the installation can be used for at least 10 more than 20 years, not worried about the electricity bill, this is the favorite of the rural people.

                                       solar lamp street

Yunnan is located in the southwestern border of China. It is high in altitude, low in latitude, deep in mountains and high in meteorological changes, and rich in solar energy resources. The average annual sunshine hours in Yunnan is 2,200 hours, and the total annual solar radiation is 3615.7-6667.1 MJ/m2. In 1994, 94% of Yunnan Province is a plateau mountainous area, with 94 counties with an average sunshine duration of more than 2,000 hours, accounting for 74.6% of the total number of the province; solar irradiance is greater than 5000 MJ/m2. The area of the year accounts for 90% of the province"s area. Among them: Kunming is located at 25°1" north latitude, 1891.4m above sea level, 2481.2 hours of sunshine hours, 57% sunshine, and the annual total solar radiation is 5182.88MJ/m2. year. Yunnan Province divides the solar energy resources of each county. The annual sunshine energy per square meter reaches 6,000 megajoules, and there are 12 counties with 2,300 hours of sunshine hours, mainly concentrated in central Yunnan. Preferably, there are 59 counties, the annual sunshine energy per square meter is 5000-6000 MJ, and the sunshine hours reach 2000-2300; more than half of the 125 counties in the province have better development conditions. In addition, there are 32 counties that can be developed, and there are 22 counties with poor development conditions.

                                              solar lamp street

  Yunnan has a distinct dry and wet climate, warm and dry weather in winter and spring, and relatively abundant solar energy resources, providing unique natural conditions for Yunnan solar energy utilization. Such a good solar energy resource determines that the development of street lamp solar in rural construction in Yunnan is completely feasible, but the result is that in addition to some solar energy installed in Kunming and Dali, some places have not yet started their led lamp solar street project.


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