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How about the street lamp solar in China now?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

           At present, the construction of rural road lighting facilities in China is still in its infancy, which is far from meeting the needs of real growth. It is reported that there are 750,000 villages in China, of which 200,000 villages are still not properly illuminated, and are mainly concentrated in the western region. Rural areas are different from urban centralized energy supply, energy use is relatively scattered, and facilities such as grid construction are not only costly, but also easy to waste resources. Therefore, to solve the problem of rural lighting and its electricity use, it is necessary to adapt to local conditions and take a different approach.Use street lamp solar is one of the best approach.

                                            solar lamp street

          Since some power grid construction is not connected to remote rural areas, rural areas should form an independent power generation lighting system. In order to solve these problems, installing nearby energy-efficient street lamp solar and promoting the application of clean energy technologies may be an excellent choice for solving lighting problems in rural areas, and thus achieving zero carbon emissions in rural lighting. It is reported that the Ministry of Construction has launched research on the status of rural lighting, and has formed a preliminary "village green lighting plan" program, which will soon be promoted and implemented. Fundamentally speaking, the use of clean energy for power generation can not only solve the problem of electricity use in rural areas, but also make effective use of resources, reduce carbon emissions, and protect the precious ecological environment of rural areas.

                                          solar lamp street

         Installation of conventional street lights, the installation cost is relatively low, but who pays for the monthly electricity bill is a problem.The installation of street lamp solar, the cost is relatively high, but the installation can be used for at least 10 more than 20 years, not worried about the electricity bill, This is the favorite of the rural people. Good climate, good products, good rural people. Why is it so difficult for solar streetlights to enter the countryside? When will our villages let a street lamp solar illuminate the footsteps of the villagers?


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