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How the tree shaped solar lamp street purifies the city?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

           In order to make the streets at night more beautiful, American designer Mario Cassere and others designed a beautiful tree-like solar lamp street. More importantly, these street lights are powered by solar energy and are low-carbon street lights that purify the urban environment. Mario said that although the use of "big trees" is streetlights, they are more like environmentally-friendly sculptures that dress up the city. The "trunks" and "leaves" of these street lamps are made of recycled biodegradable plastic and will not pollute the environment even after being damaged. The "canopy" of the solar led street lamp looks like a dense leaf, which is actually a solar panel, and the number can be installed as needed.

                                              street solar lamp

          These solar lamps street absorb solar energy during the day and are then stored in the battery at the "root". Energy-saving LED lights are hidden in a transparent “trunk” that provides soft lighting to the streets and squares of the city at night. These solar led street lamp are also linked to the public grid, and if it is sunny, excess electricity can be delivered to the public grid. In the event of continuous rainy weather, streetlights use electrical lighting in the public grid. These “big trees” are also places where people rest and entertain, with seats and seesaws under the trees. These facilities also have energy-saving mysteries behind them. Power units are installed under the seats and rafts to convert the energy of the seat when people sit down into electricity, and to convert the energy of children"s play into electricity.

                                                 street solar lamp

        The newly designed solar lamp street have been installed on the streets of Boston, USA, and have become the city"s new landscape. Mario also hopes that these tree-shaped street lamps will become a device to purify the air in the future, but the related technology is still not mature. Once the time is ripe, the air purification unit can be mounted to the street light and the designer has an interface to these units. By then, these street lights will provide more fresh air to the city like a real big tree.


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