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How about the use for solar led street lamp in Baimayu park?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

          No switch, no power supply, as long as the sun is shining, it can illuminate the night road for 5 consecutive days. On the eve of the second snow and ice carnival held in the Baimayu Ecological Park not long ago, 58 new solar led street lamp have installed on both sides of the 700-meter mountain road near the entrance. This solar led street lamp is not much different from ordinary street lights. But there are essential differences - they rely on solar energy to generate electricity. It is understood that such a new type of solar led street lamp, which is green and environmentally friendly, is currently installed in Shushan Road and Xile Road in Shushan Village. And has not been used in other parts of the city.

            solar street lamp outdoor

        According to the person in charge of the Baimayu Ecological Park, the installation of this kind of environmental protection energy-saving lamp in Baimatun coincides with the theme of “green and ecological” of the ecological park. At present, on the 3.3kilometers long road, street solar lamps have been installed on both sides road, and each set has reached 110watts. During the Ice and Snow Festival, these street solar lamp were fully functioning, and the night roads were illuminated, which could fully meet the 11 meters wide road lighting requirements. In the future, Baimayu will gradually invest in the installation of this new energy-saving street lamp on the remaining Huanshan Highway. In addition to white horses, solar powered street lamps are also installed at Shushan Road and Xile Road in Shushan Village, High-tech Zone. As early as the beginning of April this year, Shushan Road installed 50 solar powered street lamps, which was the first in the city. Not long ago, Joy Road also installed 23 solar powered street lamps and 20 solar insecticidal lamps with both lighting and insecticidal functions.

solar street lamp outdoor

             It is understood that solar street lamps are composed of solar panels, batteries, solar-powered controllers, light sources and poles. The biggest advantage is that they use clean solar energy. A single street lamp is like a small generator. The solar panels absorb light, convert it into electrical energy, and save it into its own battery without the need to consume additional power.


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