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Why don’t cities use led street solar light?


Published by Mars July 06,2020

              Led street solar light are favored by rural areas in modern life because of their green environmental protection. However, we find that led street solar light are in rural areas, but it seems that in the cities, led street solar light have become “rare items”, and we rarely Found it. Since it has so many advantages, why can it use led street solar light with new energy in rural areas and the city cannot use it? I believe that many of my friends have such a question.

                          led street solar lightled street solar light

        Firstly,Solar energy is an unstable energy source. If there are more rainy days in a row, it is impossible to guarantee the supply of led street solar light energy 100%. Urban street lights require stable lighting.The led street solar light needs enough sunlight to be charged for normal lighting, and the city center is difficult to ensure the reliability, continuity and stability of the led street solar light power supply capacity, and it is easy to cause the led street solar light to sometimes be bright and sometimes not bright.When this happens, the city is dark, and scientists have shown that when the city is dark, the crime rate will increase.

     Secondly,led street solar light use solar panels to absorb sunlight for photovoltaic effect to generate electricity. There are a large number of high-rise buildings and large trees in the city, which will block shadows of some solar panels and reduce the amount of solar street lamps. Urban roads in some areas are to be greened, and greening is the need to plant tall green trees, especially in the southern climate. It is very easy to grow fast, as long as 3-5 years can grow very tall,these trees are likely to block the solar light required for the normal use of led street solar light, we also know that led street solar light can be used normally because it relies on the sun to illuminate the energy stored in the battery and convert it into electrical energy. The use of the city center is very easy to be affected by the green trees, there is no way to charge properly.

         Thirdly,the height of the led street solar light on both sides of the urban road is much higher than that of the rural led street solar light,and it needs better illumination. Therefore, it is necessary to use a high-power street lamp head, which results in a high led street solar light configuration and need large solar panel size. The solar panels on the lampposts cannot be loaded too much, so the illumination of the streetlights is affected.

     Finally,the battery of the led street solar light needs to be replaced in about four or five years. At present, most of the batteries are buried in the ground. Therefore, it is necessary to construct the battery when replacing the battery, and it is inconvenient to construct in the city.


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